Thanks to my MBA classmates Tuvshinbayar & Tsolmon’s collaboration, we have established our business and later contributors namely Gantuya & Battushig have joined our team to create the valuable contents at Mongolianz.

We purpose to serve as a bridge to connect Mongolian SMEs to foreign consumers, who are ready to feel the uniqueness of Mongolian culture.

While pursuing such goals and doing researches on Mongolian culture, we learned a lesson from our bottom of hearts. “Mongolians naturally contain the spirit of nomads”. And we created our contents accordingly. The way of living of nomadic people including culture, tradition, customs and items are originated by the idea of harmonizing with the mother earth. For instance: Mongolians are taught the respectfulness to environment from their early ages such as not to drop dirty items into rivers.

Every single items of a nomadic is designed with a deep consideration and care for nature and not to harm the environment. Thus, our team has decided to fulfill our duty as a younger generation of nomads by advertising and disseminating such unique culture throughout the world. In order to understand the being of nomads, one should familiarize himself with their items they use.

With this inspiration to disseminate knowledge through internet about nomadic culture, tradition and more importantly their approach to live & love the mother earth, we established our online shop Mongolianz in 2017. For a broader purpose, we are here to support SMEs in the cultural production in Mongolia. Every sales in our website is to demonstrate our culture and uniqueness to every corner of this world.

Best wishes,

Orgilbulgan Bayar, Founder Mongolianz