Mongolia claims 33 medals at 2017 World Police and Fire Games
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Mongolia claims 33 medals at 2017 World Police and Fire Games

By UB Post     Aug 21, 2017       Last updated: Aug 21, 2017 17:09

The Mongolian team, which competed in the 2017 World Police and Fire Games, returned home on August 20 at 4:00 a.m. Officials of the National Police Agency and the athletes family welcomed them at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport.

The Mongolian team comprised of 25 officers and sergeants led bye Colonel Ch.Boldbaatar collected 14 gold, 12 silver and seven bronze medals from the tournament, which took place in Los Angeles, the USA from August 7 to 16. More than 10,000 athletes from 96 countries participated in 56 Olympic and Non-Olympic sports categories of the 17th World Police and Fire Games.

Senior Sergeant of Khan-Uul District Traffic Police Department G.Janchivdorj, Senior Sergeant B.Baigal and Lieutenant of the Law Enforcement University of Mongolia B.Batdorj won silver medals in the men's judo tournament. Darkhan-Uul Province Police Agency's Major Kh.Batkhishig secured a gold medal in the women's judo event and a silver medal in the women's jiu-jitsu category. Senior Sergeant Ts.Tserennadmid claimed another gold medal in the women's judo event. Member of Khuch Sports Committee and Olympic class referee B.Tumurbaatar competed in the men's 80kg event of Greco-Roman Wrestling and seized a bronze medal. Member of Avragch Sports Committee of the National Emergency Management Agency, International Sports Master E.Altan-Ochir, won gold and bronze medals in the cycling category. International Sports Marster, Lieutenant O.Enkhsaikhan of Khuch Sports Committee seized silver and bronze medals in the shooting category. He also won silver and bronze medals in the team event.


Senior Sergeant B.Bishrel won two gold medals in individual event, silver and bronze medals in team event. Powerlifting athlete Sh.Altanbagana competed in men's 105 kg event and lifted total 482.5 kg. He broke the record of World Police and Fire Games and secured a gold medal. He also won a gold medal in the bench press event, lifting 200 kg. Coach of Khuch Sport Committee, Captain N.Bayarmaa brought gold medal in women's 63 kg event of powerlifting tournament.

An athlete of the Ulaanbaatar Police Department and Khuch Sports Committee E.Khaliunbold claimed a bronze medal in the open pro event of motocross category. He won gold and silver medals from the previous World Police and Fire Games. The event is open to active and retired law enforcement and fire service personnel throughout the world.

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