Rise of Temujin

In the war against Mergid, Temujin showed how heroic he was. After this event, countrymen and relatives who left him started expressing their will to join him again and soon he became a powerful leader like his father. While he was fighting along side Tooril Khan, who was the best support to Temuujin during this time, he showed his skills as a general as well as a diplomacy.

For instance, he kept stable relationship with his childhood friend Jamukha. At that time, Jamukha was stronger than Temuujin. According to The Secret History of the Mongols, they celebrated their long lasting friendship and cemented their friendship of blood brothers for the 3rd time in Khorkhonog Jibur. Temujin gave to Jamukha as a present the golden belt and an untamed horse which he looted from Togtoa of Mergid. In return Jamukha gave to Temujin a golden belt and a white horse which he looted from Dair Yusun of Uvus Mergid.

Their relationship came to an end when they had to move to different places after a year and 8 months of cooperation. Borte Khatan persuaded Temujin to move away from Jamukha. Hoelun mother, Borte and even Temujin himself strongly believed that Temujin was supposed to be the Khan of Mongol. Hoelun and Borte relized that the only person who would interfere with him becoming the Khan was Jamukha.

Actually, there were no other man who were equal to Temujin and Jamukha. Even though, they were friends, they would cross on a path to the king throne and only a battle, death and victory would decide which one would lead the Mongols. Neither of them can be blamed for this. It was not their will, but only circumstances of the time. Khatan Borte suspected that this would happen and might have predicted Jamukha’s actions beforehand.

In fact, the one who made the first move was Temujin, not Jamukha. Temujin didn’t stay with Jamukha when they were moving their tribes together. Temujin took a different path and moved away from Jamukha with his people. Jamukha intention was to unite the Mongol tribes with the aid of Temujin. Unfortunately, Temjin’s power was increasing day by day and he was becoming increasingly prominent.

During Temujin’s difficult times, most of his people left him and started following Jamukha. Many of the powerful noble people were following Jamukha such as Altan, the son of Khotul khan, Huchir, the son of Temujin’s uncle Negun. Even Menlig, who once gave his word to look out Esukhei’s children, were alongside Jamukha. Temujin spent almost two years to win over Jamukha’s people to his side.

After Temujin left Jamukha, more than 20 tribes left Jamukha and joined him including Altan and Huchir. During his year and 8 months of comradeship, Temujin spent a lot of effort to win over powerful and influential families. It was the result of his thus efforts that families such as Altan and Huchir left Jamukha to join him.

Together they arrived Khukh lake of Khar Zurkh. In 1189, Temjin was titled the Khan of whole Mongol with support of Altan, the son Khotul Khan and Sacha Bekhi, the leader of Jurkhen province. Their support wasn’t the key to be promoted as a khan. Temujin used the conflict between them to his advantage and also his diplomatic skills to become the ruler of the Mongols. Most of the people who came at the Khukh lake of Khar Zurkh were the powerful noblemen of Mongol. Sacha Bekhi was the grandson of Khabul Khan. Huchir was the son Esukhei’s brother Negun. They were all elder than Temujin and all had the will and potential to become the khan.

At first, Temujin offered to every one of them to the right to the throne. He told Altan to become the khan as well as Huchir. They didn’t accept it. He offered Sacha Bekhi, the nobleman who had the potential of becoming a khan, but he didn’t accept either. The reason they all didn’t want to become the khan was the conflict between them. Temujin used this conflict to his advantage offered the title to each one individually, so they all had to decline because they didn’t want either one to become the khan. Nobody was right for the throne except Temujin. Thus, he was named the Khan of all Mongols.

This event was Temujin’s important political action made before Jamukha’s action. During that time, Jamukha was only powerful rival of Temujin. Though Hoelun mother’s wise words Temujin had his goals set out since he was a little boy. This goal was to lead the whole Mongol.

While Temujin was with Jamukha, he united many of tribes using religious nature people and using the shamanism to his advantage. Khorchi spread the rumor that the shaman, the great ghost of the sky, chose Temujin as the khan, not Jamukha. According The secret history of The Mongols, Khorchi tells about the prophecy to Temujin in person. However, in reality, this was a clever way to persuade the people. Due to this rumor alone, a lot of tribes, who were following the Jamukha, might have joined to Temujin.

Khorchi asked Temujin what would happen to him if Temujin became the king. Temujin offered him title of people’s overlord. But Khorchi undervalued the title and wanted 30 women given to him as wives and wanted Temujin to always listen to his advice. Temujin accepted his offer. This was type of the actions he was taking with Jamukha’s people when he was with Jamukha. After he became the Khan of the Great Mongol, he granted Khorchi what he offered before.

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