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What is the Capital City of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar picture

The history of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of modern Mongolia, begins long after the collapse of the Mongolian Great Empire founded by Chinggis (Genghis) khan. In 17th century, when Mongolia lost its power and considerably weakened due to continuous civil wars between local Khans of small tribes. Meanwhile, a strong, centralized Manchu kingdom arose in […]

Military Generals of Genghis Khan

Generals of Genghis khan

Chinggis (Genghis) Khan, who created the largest empire in the history of mankind, had three genius military generals – Mukhulai (Muqali), Zev (Jebe) and Subedei (Subutai). All three were neither members of Chinggis Khan’s family, nor his descendants. Because of these talented commanders from different Mongol tribes, Mongol troops won in all fronts and battlefields […]

Mongolian scripts and writing culture

Mongolian script

Researchers say that world speaks 3000 different languages, which of only 13 are spoken among large populations over 50 millions. Mongolian language and writings, however being used in small populations, has created very specific characteristics including numerous different scripts and characters representing particular ethnic groups and their dialects. This language has been mastered through its […]

Republic or All Harmonious Country: Some Issues in Translation

Republic or ...

First half of twenty first century was Mongolian arduous struggle for independence. After declaration of independence in 1911 from Manchu Qing dynasty, Mongolia had faced forced treaties from Beiyang government of China and Tsarist Russia in 1915 at Khiagta, and subsequent temporary occupation in 1919. However, these Chinese forces had been defeated by White Russians, […]

She wasn’t just a horse, she was MARINE (An incredible Mongolian horse)


Tuvshinbayar Surenkhorloo The secret source of power of the Mongolian army in 13th century was small but sturdy, agile and durables horses. Mongolian horses greatly enhanced the Mongol army’s mobility: they could and did travel great distances, often covering 60 to 100 miles in a day. Because of this unheard of mobility, no other army […]

Mongolian traditional game Dembee


Dembee is melody based, interesting finger game which is widely spread among the Mongolians. Dembee is played between two counterparties by debating based on cantillating. The game rule is to guess and tell by cantillating the total. There are other versions of Dembee playing differ by special melody stemmed from techniques and manners of showing […]

There is only one Mongolia in the world


While I was having a conversation with the well-known morin khuur player (the horse headed fiddle) Chibulag, I was thinking even though he was 74 years old, he is energetic, humble, talented articulate and he was such a great minded one. He initiated an idea to establish international university of morin khuur. He accomplished it […]