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Mongolian scripts and writing culture

Mongolian script

Researchers say that world speaks 3000 different languages, which of only 13 are spoken among large populations over 50 millions. Mongolian language and writings, however being used in small populations, has created very specific characteristics including numerous different scripts and characters representing particular ethnic groups and their dialects. This language has been mastered through its […]

Mongolian movie-Moving towards you

Тань руу нүүж явна

Even though, there were ideological issues portrayed in movies made during the socialist system, subjects such as customs and humanity were addressed more frequently. Scenes and conversations in those movies were not artificial; well-planned, meaningful conversations, combined with powerful compositions from famous composers all created a wonderful warm feeling inside you. Maybe that’s why every […]

Mongolian traditional game Dembee


Dembee is melody based, interesting finger game which is widely spread among the Mongolians. Dembee is played between two counterparties by debating based on cantillating. The game rule is to guess and tell by cantillating the total. There are other versions of Dembee playing differ by special melody stemmed from techniques and manners of showing […]

There is only one Mongolia in the world


While I was having a conversation with the well-known morin khuur player (the horse headed fiddle) Chibulag, I was thinking even though he was 74 years old, he is energetic, humble, talented articulate and he was such a great minded one. He initiated an idea to establish international university of morin khuur. He accomplished it […]