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How Mongolian Khanate Coins Shaped Trade and Commerce

Mongolian Khanate coins

The Mongolian Khans left an indelible mark not only on history but also on the economic landscape of their time. One of the most tangible representations of their influence lies in the coins minted under their rule. These coins, with their distinctive designs and metallurgical composition, played a crucial role in shaping trade and commerce […]

Mongolian Dog Bankhar – Livestock Guardians

The Bankhar dog, also known as the Mongolian Bankhar, is a breed deeply intertwined with the nomadic culture and history of Mongolia. Revered for its exceptional livestock guardian skills, this ancient breed has played a vital role in safeguarding herds and preserving a way of life in the harsh Mongolian steppes. In this blog post, […]

Hunting in Mongolia and The Making of Exotic Dishes in the Wild Gobi

The Art of Hunting and The Making of Exotic Dishes in the Wild Gobi

A giant red-brown disk of the sun suddenly emerges from the horizon and gets smaller as it rises, the color turns into yellow. And finally we saw the sun as we usually see. Nobody will regret to travel the Mongolian Gobi just to enjoy seeing the sunrise – the inexpressible natural phenomenon. But our staying […]

The eagle huntress Aisholpan and the history of Mongolian falconry

The eagle huntress Aisholpan and the history of Mongolian falconry

Eagle hunting is a traditional form of falconry, widespread throughout the Eurasian steppe among nomadic peoples. It represents the most dramatic and primary relations between man and beast, which is kept well through generation to generation in the remote mountains of western Mongolia. International audience interested in falconry among Kazakhs in Mongolian Bayan Ulgii aimag […]

Mongolian traditional “dairy food” or “Tsagaan idee”

Mongolian traditional “dairy food” or “Tsagaan idee”

From immemorial time, the Mongols have been engaged in nomadic animal husbandry in the vast territory of Central Asia under harsh continental climate, and therefore their diet was strikingly different from their neighborhoods settled in agricultural society. Bread and corn were vital food among agricultural societies in Europe as well as rice in Asia. In […]

Mongolian Khas pattern and Nazi’s swastika

The swastika is synonymous of Nazi Germany and is considered a symbol of pure evil in the Western world. The black straight-armed hakenkreuz (swastika) on the distinctive white circle and red background is the Nazi flag, which became the most hated symbol of modernity, inextricably linked to the atrocities committed under Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich […]

Mysteries of the Mongolian blue spot

Blue spot

Every Mongolian baby is born with a blue birthmark on their back and it is known as the Mongolian spot worldwide. The Mongols has worshiped the eternal blue sky from ancient times and considered this birthmark as a heavenly seal for Mongolians only. Mongolian spot or congenital dermal melanocytosis is a benign, flat, congenital and […]

Oksana Panchenko: I dreamed of being an archaeologist in order to become the first person to find the grave of Chinggis Khan

Oksana Panchenko

We want to bring your attention to an interview by Anand.B with Oksana Panchenko, a talented puppet master (doll-maker) from Russia, which was published on “”. – Would you please introduce yourself to Mongolian readers? As your works and creatures are currently on the top concern of Mongolian social networks users. – My name is […]

She wasn’t just a horse, she was MARINE (An incredible Mongolian horse)


Tuvshinbayar Surenkhorloo The secret source of power of the Mongolian army in 13th century was small but sturdy, agile and durables horses. Mongolian horses greatly enhanced the Mongol army’s mobility: they could and did travel great distances, often covering 60 to 100 miles in a day. Because of this unheard of mobility, no other army […]