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Create art in iron is one of intellectual and thing land culture, which created by our people who have been living and existing for many generations in the territory of Central Asia. Iron art is developing cohere with interest and loveliness of people and necessities to social development.


Mongolian craftsmen have been processing and owning various methods such as fertilization, melt, forge, spread, burnish, dry and identify irons. Craftsmanship developed from Bronze Age in Mongolia and made weapons such as clubs, rust of bow and arrows, shields, helmets, axes, spears and knives, at that time.


Those are clearly shown on the bronze mirror with picture carving of two fighting horsemen, found from territory of Khuld soum, Dundgovi province and forenamed things numerously find as collection from the territory of Mongolia. There have not only weapons also various household consumptions such as pendants, rings, earrings, ornaments of belt, ornaments of male and female clothes, horse equipments, utensils and bronze caldrons.


Animal shaped arts of Bronze Age Museum Exhibits clearly show that Mongolia is one hearth territory of bronze arts in Tsonjin Boldog, which established by collection of bronze arts species found from our native country.


Iron Age covers the period from 2000 BC to 1000 BC. End of the Iron Age connected with establishment of Xiongnu/Hunnu Empire, state country in Mongolia. Xiongnu/Hunnu Empire had made ironworks for various uses such as household and weapons for processing iron with to improvement of bow and arrows for defense themselves from repeatedly attach of extraneous enemies.


There found iron saw, bridle iron browband, bridle iron bit, iron belt buckle, iron ooli /one type of saw/, iron axe, iron knife, iron sword, iron muzzle of spear, armor plate and rust of bow and arrows from tombs of Xiongnu/Hunnu Empire generation, such as Khuren khond.

Best creations of traditional steel iron arts

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