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Arts cast items with animal figures of Bronze Age showed perfect metal art performance of Mongolian and their descriptions and style has kept theirs marvelous nature till present.


Mongolian craftsmen/artists have been creating independent/separate creations of folk art by ivory, game-jewels, steel, gold and silver metals from one generation to another.


They made unique art creations such as woman silver head decoration, necklace, earrings, bracelet, clipper which on single and double pattern, weaved by thin and width threads and inlaid coral, pearl, one of gems-turquoise lapis lazuli and bright/colorful precious stone and men's set of tinderpouch and knife, straps securing the skirt of the gown when riding, tobacco-pipe cleaner, reamer and beard tweezers.


They also made saddle and other items related to horse and crupper by silver and moreover, domestic/household and religion silver art has developed well at the time and silver stupa, devotional paraphernalia, household items such as silver bowl, metal dish, pot, bucketpail has been handing down to nowadays generation and kept their utilization till now.


Several methods such as silver casting, embossing, weaving silver threads had used for silver art/craftsmanship and besides it, the silver craftmanship has developed differentially with own features in definite local country or area throughout Mongolia. For instance, main type of silver arts dariganga, Borjigon, Dalai Choinkhor, Noyon Sevrei and Injaan shape/structure were famous.

There are a definite arts represantative and artists in these local countries or area of craftmanship. For example: Lasran, B.Surenkhor, Damba, D.Duinkhor, D.Molom, D.Tseyenregzen, Sh.Dondov, L.Zundui, M.Baldan-Osor, J.Sengedoo, Sodov, Choijilsuren, I.Amgaa, D.Lkhamsuren, D.Shar and Z.Jugder were arts representatives of Dariganga silver craftsmanship, Sukhbaatar province. Dariganga silver craftmanship has special features that it was made by small silver ingredients and its pattern and description was formed a spiral pattern in keeping continious by 3 or 4 double.


Borjigin structure is related to Khentii, Dornogovi, Dundgovi and Govisumber provinces. Main representatives of Borjigin craftsmanship were concerned famous artists Toijil and Sh.Choimbol of Batnorov soum, Khentii province. Borjigon structure created flower, floral and horn pattern on silver bowl and saddle items using perforated single line of color in a design.


Items with regard to artists and craftsmen made of Dalai Choinkhor Ban banner is high prestige throughout Mongolia. Nowadays, Shine-Ider, Jargalant and Gait sourns of Khuvsgul province, Tariat, Khangai and Tsakhir sourns of Arkhangai province and Ikh-Uul and Tosontsengel sourns of Zavkhan provinces was included in Dalai Choinkhor Ban banner.


Artists and craftsmen of Dalai Choinkhor Ban were famous for creating steel iron and they were developing golden and silver artistry. G.Yerentei, L.Jambal /old woman/, Ts.Sambuu /white/, Buyan-Orshikh, E.Khasbazar, J.Davaatseren, D.Namsraijav, Ya.Dugerjav, N.Gendensuren, J.Tojil, Ts.Genden and G.Tuntuu were a famous artists of steel, golden and silver items. It is very famous named Noyon Sevrei structure/shape of Umnugovi province especially this shape was used in silver items and bowls. Sharav, Tuvden, Luuzan, D.Gendensamba, Yondon, Danzan and Bazar from artists of Umnugovi province were famous and well known people.


Silver bombs of Noyon Sevrei structure consisted of edging on the metal, forming 1-3 double ring in turning of thin and width on bottom and sides. In comparison its bottom with other structured bombs, it was made in high and width and its silver ingredients was high. Chinese and Injaan craftsmen made a set of tinder-pouch and knife by order of Mongolian in bigger settled areas such as Ikh Khuree, Khovd and Uliastai and lavcha and traditional Chinese pattern, bat, Chinese offering, dragon and peacock was created on their creations. Besides above mentioned famous structures, many various craftsmen and people was doing silver items and additionally, compound structure reflecting their structure features are very common especially it occurs frequently to create mix structure of different areas for last years. Mongolian artists consider customs and symbolism for doing any things and so, geometrical shapes such as Greek fret pattern, Tumen nast pattern, endless knot, king's bracelets, queen's earrings, and descriptions origin from animal such as horn, nose patterm four friendly animal, the twelve years, Wild sheep, wild goat. Deer and plant and flower pattern such as, flower, leaf, its leaf, calyx, lotus, flower, natural description such cloud pattern, mountain pattern, water wave, flame, State ceremony description such as soyombo, State 7 gems, 8 ulziit takhil, daginas which are pattern originated from eastern with common symbolism were created on ceremony and respectful items by artists.


It is considered that a wonderful creation of skillful craftsmen was made based on smooth and brilliat harmony of craftsman's intellectual, eyes and hand skill.

Silver bowls, set of tinder-pouch and knife, man and woman's decoration items, horse silver set, monastery and devotional paraphamalia and household items created by Mongolian craftsman in 19-20 century included in the photo album. Silver items of the album were being kept in reserve and private collection of people who respected folk traditional art and collected and studied the items by their interest and there is no item of State museum.


In order to hand down and advertise creations and items of Mongolain traditional to nowadays future generation and develop traditional art and provide hanbook to new craftsman and public their interestm we are going to create this album.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to S.Gansukh, A.Altangerel, T.Nyamkhuu, B.Bayarsaikhan, Ts.Tulga, Kh.Magnuuz, O.Otgonbayar, Kh.Nadpurev, D.Purevsuren, N.Dashzeveg, D.Bumsuren, D.Javkhlan, J.Puntsag, N.Jargalsaikhan, D.Otgonbayar, N.Khosbayar, S.Odgerel, S.Munkdush, Z.Batchuluun, H.Gurenkhuu, B.Sainsanaa, J.Khukhuu and members of Ancient items collectors association who contributed their valuable support, helping their reserve items for the album establishment and we wish them high success for activities to protect, collect and study precious art and cultural items.


Masterpieces of Mongolian traditional silver handicrafts

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