Mongolian authentic ger (yurt), 5-Wall
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  • Natural organic material, unique construction and hand made art work.

  • Ger is portable, assembled or disassembled easily, and keeps coolness in summer, and warmth in winter well. 

  • Design and structure of ger is very simple that consists of few parts such as wooden poles, walls, two columns, floor, a door and a round crown, felt covers and long ropes made wool. 

  • 2-3 person can assemble a ger within an hour. 

  • Thanks to short walls and streamlined, round and aerodynamic shape, the ger can withstand stormy winds. It can withstand a strong earthquake because of its non-solid structure. 

  • One uniqueness of Mongolian ger is the air circulation that allows to keep fresh air constantly. Oxygen rich fresh air is always heavier than used air with carbon dioxide mixture. The fresh air that is coming through the door completely pushes out the bad air through the crown at the top of the ceiling. As the ger is round-shaped without corners, there is no accumulation of used air with bad energy. 

  • Heat loss is much less in gers than in rectangular houses. In addition, the heat is located in the very center that allows it to spread evenly. 

  • Felt made of sheep wool is a smart material that can adjust itself to any changes in weather. In hot weather, felt micron expand and allow more air to enter the ger, thereby it cools down. On the contrary, when it gets cold, the felt microns shrink and retain more heat in the ger. 

  • Mongolian ger is registered by UNESCO as an object of the world cultural heritage of mankind. 


Assemble team phone:

+61414380220 (Sydney, Australia)

Mongolian authentic ger (yurt), 5-Wall

  • Number of walls - 5

    Diameter - 6 meter, 19'7''

    Height of wall - 150 cm, 4'9''

    Toono diameter - 150 cm, 4'9''

    Door width - 130 cm 4'6''


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