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As far as we can relate, the deel has a rich history. Researchers say that the deel is originated in the era of Huns, which is accounted to be more than thousands years ago. 


Deel is designed to satisfy every-movement of body that it offers a great convenience for herders to fulfill their every-day tasks and duties on horse.


A deel perfectly protects its owner from fierce cold and strong winds. Designed in simple T-shaped pattern and double-layers, it can be universally served as a blanket, a pillow, a mat and even a tent. 


Deel designs are also varied by its purpose whether it can be used in cold or hot weather, for man or woman, for everyday use or special occasions. For instance: Deels, that are designed for holiday and ceremonial events are more colorful than usual and are made of valuable silk and other expensive materials and usually been dressed during Naadam (Independence day festival), Tsagaan sar (Lunar new year) and other Mongolian holidays, festivals and ceremonies.

Mongolian deel

Bust inches
Waist inches
Hip inches
High Shoulder to hem inches
Sleeve length inches
Sleeves inches
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