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Mongolian Nomads have made their furniture (chests, commodes, tables, beds, oujin, shelves), divine items (god figure, altar, icon case, frame, benefaction-calling box, oblation animal figure, writ case), wooden parts of the livestock assessors (saddle, wooden cart, horse sweat scraper, horsewhip, uurga, the rod with cord used for catching a horse), food containers (pan, plate, spoon, ladle, cup, jug, milking bucket, water barrel, pestle and mortar, pie molds, spattering scoot), musical instruments (horse fiddle), games (chess, bayasgalan, domino) have been made of wood and used in everyday life.


Mongolians already had methodology to make exciting and firm wooden articles thanks to their skill improvement for centuries.


The Mongolian Timbering Art got its peak in the XYI-XYX centuries. The engraving art has developed not only in connection to the household demand, but also with the architecture.


Adjusting ornament color, making convex patterning, half, and whole engraving are the main ways in our timbering art.


Mongolian timbering art technology has inherited to our generations since olden times until now, but the instruments and technology of the timbering art had changed in a definite social period and new articles had been introduced into the mode of life. Therefore, we aimed to write the book "Mongolian Household Wooden Articles" (end of the 19 century and the 1950s of the 20 century).


Mongolian traditional wooden pieces of household

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