Nomads cultural behaviour of horse harness and saddlery | mongolianz
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Author's creation included detailed description and delightful portraits of horse equipments which inseparable component of Mongolians culture since more than thousand years when domesticated and used horses, up to now; and which helpful to make many magical keys for knowing culture related to Mongolians horse.


This book described both picture of horse equipments not only saddles also horse stamp /seal, brush, comb, scraper, myalaga, horsewhip, boim, lasso pole, rope, long rope, fetter, hobbles, headstall and bridle.


Also it included pictures of symbolic saddles which for memorial and honor use, and artistic glorious saddles design made in recent times, which to be interesting and becoming important basis component to research Mongolian symbolic culture.

Nomads cultural behaviour of horse harness and saddlery

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