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Golden Eagle Festival 2019

Want to know about Golden Eagle festival?

Day 1

Welcome to Mongolia

Arrive at the Ulaanbaatar airport and settle to in a hotel near the Central square. After breakfast take a capital city tour, visiting the dinosaur museum, Choijin Lama Temple and Nature and History museum. That afternoon enjoy a traditional Mongolian cuisine at the Modern nomads restaurant. In the evening hit the local pub.

Day 2

Chinggis khan horse riding statue, 13th century trip

In the morning travel to East 55 km, where you can see the 40 m high Chinggis khan riding horse statue. The statue is the largest horse-riding statue in the world.

After some photo shoots at the statue, continue your exploration of history, going to the 13th Century complex. The complex has the environment of tourism attractions, ger camps, farms all in real lifestyle of 13th era. The camp is the only camp in Mongolia you can visit the old time micro version of Chinggis khan empire. 

In the evening going to Terelj National park. The Terelj national park is considered one of the most beautiful visiting places for travelers. That evening, enjoy a delicious dinner in a Terelj mountain lodge and settle into your first night in Terelj.


Day 3

Horse riding in Terelj

Wake-up and enjoy the breakfast in Terelj Mountain lodge camp. Spend the day riding the horse, taking a photo of Turtle rock, hiking through the green meadows, going to Ariyabal meditation temple. In the evening Arrive at the hotel In Ulaanbaatar.

Day 4

Nomad show, Khustai nuruu, wild horses

In the morning travel to a village /55 km from Ulaanbaatar/ where you can enjoy the Nomads show. The show consists from visiting the Nomads family, introducing with nomadic culture, food, listening to playing the traditional Mongolian instrument - morin khuur, enjoy how to herd the livestocks, playing the traditional games, seeing the process of moving using the carts, making the dairies and felts. (lunch is included).

After lunch, we going to Hustain nuruu where you can see the wild horses. /80 km from Ulaanbaatar/ Settle in Hustai lunoba camp, having the dinner. 

Day 5

Erdene zuu Monastery

In the early morning travel to Erdene zuu /320 km from Ulaanbaatar/ where you can enjoy the Buddhist monastery founded in 1586. Erdene zuu Monastery is famous for its ancient temple architecture, an unique museum with rare exhibits. Arrive in the Assa Land resort and walking around the camp, enjoy the nature after dinner.

Day 6

Elsen tarkhai

In the morning travel to Elsen tasarkhai. It is a part of Mongol Els Sand Dunes, that continues 80 km long and 5 km wide. The nature in this area is spectacular and great for relaxing, an unique combination of mountains forests and Gobi type landscape in place. There you can ride a two-humped camel, walk on sand dunes, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Arrive at the hotel in Ulaanbaatar.


Day 7

Folk concert

After breakfast, take a capital city tour, exploring shops. After lunch enjoy Mongolian Folk concert. In the evening visit to a trip leader's summer house near the Ulaanbaatar, and enjoy Mongolian traditional meal khorhog.

Morin khuur (Horse head fiddle)-Egshiglen brand

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Day 8


Say goodbye to Mongolia. Take you to the airport. 



8 days / 7 nights

Please contact us privately for a quotation.